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The Nigardsbreen is the most easily accessible glacier of Norway. From Breheimsenteret the glacier is reached after a 4 km drive on a toll road.

GPS-coordinates for the Nigardsbreen parking lot:
N 61°40'18.971" / E 7°14'07.240" or N 61°40.316' / E 7°14.120'

Nigardsbreen Facts

Like all glaciers, Nigardsbreen expands and contracts depending on the snowfall during the winter and meltage during the summer. Snow that survives summer meltage slowly becomes compact, shiny blue ice under increasing pressure and inner flow. Today, the glacier is retreating, but when you get close you will see its' awsome grandeur.

 nugardsbreen-ic-dahl-webAn exciting landscape of crevasses, tunnels, waterfall shafts, valleys and seracs that you can climb on if you wish.The feeling of adventure is already present on the ferry crossing over the Nigardsbreen lake - 285 metres above sea level - as you look towards this exciting icescape.

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Are you interested in more information and facts about Nigardsbreen Glacier?
Marthe Gjerde doctoral degree in quaternary geology has written a treatise about Nigardsbreen.


Glacier facts and information about Nigardsbreen




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