Alpine Course

This course is an introduction to ice and rock climbing. Suitable for those who have completed a glacier course, or who have similar experience.

We spend the first two days practising different belay and rescue techniques on ice, and also ice climbing and travel. Next, we hike and climb up the whole of the Nigardsbreen icefall to Steinmannen, a long day in a varied and exciting glacierscape.


We continue the course week climbing on crags and mountains in the Jostedalen area, emphasising climbing and security, and rope team routines.

For the finale we go to the Southern Dyrhaugstind (2072) and return to Turtagrø along Dyrhaugsryggen, a nice, and classic climb and traverse in Jotunheimen. 



08.07- 14.07 


6 days


Min. 17 years


Good condition and glaciercourse

Number of pers:

Maks. 3 pers.


NOK. 6150.- inkl. accomodation

As private coursee: booking at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

3 pers. NOK 6775.-



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