Private Tours and Courses

Private tours are a little more expensive, but you can choose the time, destination, and participants yourself. Private tours give them more and new opportunities.

The mountain guide can then focus entirely on YOU and take care of YOU accordingly. We would be happy to advise you on the many tour options.

With private tours, we can also adjust the age limits of the standard tours.

Many of the offers on the Nigardsbreen are also suitable for families with children from the age of 8. We have special pimples and seat belts for children, but you should bring sturdy shoes, as the rental mountain shoes are only available from size 36.

Information and prices for private tours on the Nigardsbreen can be found under each tour. Please use the ´Nigardsbreen´ menu on our homepage.

What we offer

  • Glacier courses one and several days (Info menu courses)
  • Summit tours, one and several days
  • Glacier tours (Nigardsbreen, Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen)
  • Rock and ice formation, one and several days
  • Abseiling adventure or ice climbing
  • Climbing courses
  • Multi-pitch climbing tours in the mountains

More suggestions:

a group of people sitting on a rock in the snow

Mountaineering Courses

  • Hurrungane Mountains
  • Sports climbing
  • Climbing in Jostedalen
a person sitting on a rock next to a mountain

Trekking Hikes

  • Easy and challenging summits
  • Hikes from hut to hut
  • Jotunhelmen or Jostedalen
a group of people that are standing in the snow

Glacier Hikes

  • Tuftebreen
  • Fåbergstølsbreen
  • Nigardsbreen
  • Austerdalsbreen
  • Day trip Jostedalsbreen
  • Crossing the Jostedals glacier