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Glacier Bus Timetable

The Glacier Bus from Sogndal to the Nigardsbreen Glacier is running daily from ca. 21. June until 28. August:

From Sogndal 08:35
To Gaupne 09:12 (change bus)
From Gaupne 09:15
To Breheimsenteret 09:55 From Breheimsenteret 09:57 and 11:25.
To Nigardsbreen 10:05 and 11:35  (meeting point for the hikes)

From Nigardsbreen 16:55
To Breheimsenteret 17:00
From Breheimsenteret 17:00
To Gaupne 17:40 (change bus)
From Gaupne 17:45
To Sogndal 18:35