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Alpine Course

Quick Details

Price per person (min. 3 people) Ages 17+
Private Alpine Course (min. 3 people) Ages 17+

Get a complete introduction to ice and rock climbing!

This course is an introduction to ice and rock climbing, suitable for those who have completed a glacier course or who have similar experience.

To participate, you must be familiar with the proper handling of crampons, ice ax and rope, and you need to have experience in crevasse rescue. We do not require any rock climbing experience.

The ideal base for ice and rock education is Jostedalen. Here you can find optimal climbing terrain in rock and ice almost on your doorstep.

The mountains of Hurrungane in Jotunheimen are within reach. For the finale, we go to Søre (the southern) Dyrhaugstind (2072) and return to Turtagrø along Dyrhaugsryggen, a nice and classic climb in Jotunheimen.

The program includes:

  • Rock and ice climbing
  • Rope team routines on rock and ice
  • Belay and rescue techniques on rock and ice
  • Abseiling and retreat
  • Interpretation of a topo
  • Risk management
  • Alpine danger
  • Planning of alpine multi-pitch tours

Additional information

To participate in this course, you need to be in good physical shape, have mountain hiking experience and have completed a glacier course or similar experience.