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Nigardsbreen Glacier Hikes

Join us for one of the exciting blue glacier walks or hikes in Nigardsbreen.

Measures to protect against the Corona Virus

Low season 26.08 – 25.09

From 25.08 the following tours are only available as private tours: Kids Special Hike, Special Blue Ice Hike and Deluxe Blue Ice hike.

If you are looking for a hike similar to the Kids Special Hike, the X-tra Short Blue Ice Hike (offered until 30.08) is suitable for families.
Similar to the Deluxe Blue Ice Hike is the Long Blue Ice Hike (offered until 15.09).

The popular Short Blue Ice Hike (age limit of 12 years) is offered until the 25.09.

Please bring your own touring gloves for all Blue Ice hikes!

Explore all our Blue Ice Hikes that we offer in Nigardsbreen

Come with us on a very special hike and make unforgettable memories amidst the stunning nature of Norway.

The Kids Special Hike and the Short Blue Ice Hike are both great for families to enjoy with kids.

All of our activities can be easily booked online!