Special Blue Ice Glacier Hike

Quick Details

Adult (2-6 people) Ages 12+
Private group (1-3 people) Ages 10+
Private group (4-6 people) Ages 10+

Challenging glacier hike with top-rope ice climbing!

If you would like to experience a more challenging glacier hike, join this long glacier hike including top-rope ice climbing on the blue ice of Nigardsbreen.

In a small group of max. 6 people, we explore the most spectacular parts of the Nigardsbreen Glacier, and as a coronation, we climb an almost vertical ice wall or rappel into a crevasse and climb out again, well-secured under expert guidance.

What to Bring

Warm wind- and waterproof clothing, sunglasses, lunch package, and hiking boots. The clothing must cover the whole body (no shorts or skirts without leggings).