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Basic Glacier Course

Quick Details

Price (min.1 people, 5 days) Ages 16+
Private Group (Min. 3 people, 5 days) Ages 16+
Private Group (4-5 people, 5 days) Ages 16+
Private Group (Min. 3 people, 3 days) Ages 16+
Private Group (4-5 people, 3 days) Ages 16+

Learn how to tackle a glacier hike, and expand your horizons!

The glaciated area of the Jostedalsbreen, with its many glacier tongues, is not only a feast for the eyes, but it’s also ideally suited to take your first steps with crampons on blue ice and to learn all the necessary security devices and safety techniques for safe traveling on glaciers.

On this course, you learn how to use crampons, ice ax and rope, crevasse rescue and everything else necessary for safely passing glaciers.

Further topics in this course week include tour planning, map and compass, meteorology, materials science, as well as the assessment of alpine dangers.

After completing this course, you will – together with a rope team – be able to independently tackle glacier hikes without a guide. You will be able to reach glacier areas that have been previously closed to you.

Additional information

To participate in this course, you need to be in good physical shape and have mountain hiking experience.

More course information here