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Jostedalsbreen Ski Trip

Quick Details

Adult Ages 15+
Adult Private Group (3-4 people) Ages 15+
Adult Private Group (5-10 people) Ages 15+
Adult Private Group (11+ people) Ages 15+

Join us on this immersive ski trip!

Discover high peaks, fabulous views, and the best snow and ice! This three-day ski tour with accommodation in a tent offers great variety: high peaks with fabulous views, a huge snow and ice desert and a steep descent to the fjord, where flowering apple trees await us.

The tour starts in Jostedalen at Fåbergstølsbreen and goes to Fjærland to the fjord. On the way, we climb the peaks Brenibba (about 2000 m), Lodalskåpa (2083 m), Kjenndalskruna (1830 m), Høgste Breakulen (1957 m) and Supphellenipa (1731 m).

The ascent on the first day takes about 10 hours and is steep. The stages on the following days are cropped but not steep until the descent to the fjord.

The duration is about 8 – 10 hours per day. Each participant must carry a backpack of 15 – 20 kg

Additional information

This is a demanding ski tour in steep terrain with a backpack of 15 – 20 kg. Good physical condition and mountain skiing experience required. Includes one accommodation at Bretun and transport from Fjærland to Jostedalen