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Short Blue Ice Hike

Quick Details

Group (1-14 people) Ages 12+
Total price: Private Group (2-3 people) Ages 8+
Price per pers: Private group (4+ persons) Ages 8+

Experience what glacier hiking is really like

With the help of professional glacier guides, the right equipment, and expert guidance, it is no witchcraft to explore the Nigardsbreen Glacier.

Some parts of the route have quite a steep climb up and down, which is made easier by steps in the ice. The participants should be reasonably sure-footed. For people without any hiking experience on mountain trails, the trip can be exhausting. You will be roped up and walk leisurely with crampons and an ice axe along deep blue crevasses and high ice towers. Sometimes you can even crawl through some ice tunnels.

What to bring

Gloves, warm wind- and waterproof clothing, sunglasses, lunch package and solid shoes (trekking boots or sport shoes). The clothing must cover the whole body (no shorts or skirts without leggings).

Start time for private hikes

Upon request. For start times between 09:45 – 13:00, the transportation on the glacier boat t/r is included in the price. Otherwise, you have to walk by foot from the glacier and back to the car park. Duration is about 1-1,5 hours (each way).

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