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Equipment tips

Equipment advice

Suitable shoes for the Blue Ice Hikes on Nigardsbreen:

images 8 Merrell Allout Rush 812 last ned 4


Matching equipment/clothing:

images 8   images 4 images 5 regenjacke 02
Boots   Backpack Warm jacket/Sweather Rain-/wind jacket
lunch 1   last ned 5 last ned 1
Lunch   Hat/cap Camera ev. sunglasses


No suitable shoes for Blue Ice  Glacier Hikes:

images 6 images


Not allowed on the BIue Ice Hikes:

images 1 last ned images 11 hund 1     
Shorts Skirts without leggings Children in carrying frame Dogs  


There are many tourists visiting the great nature around Nigardsbreen.
An important part of a natural experience is the silence of the nature without motor noise.
That's why we do not want anyone to film with drones on Nigardsbreen!
Further, Drones can also be a danger for other people walking on the glacier.


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