Ski touring – Jostedalsglacier

This is a trek providing fantastic variation. During the same trip you may meet warm spring weather or arctic winter, horizontal sleet and burning sun, fog as thick as oatmeal with visibility down to 30 feet, and incredible panoramas towards jagged summits and a vast white expanse.

We depart from Fåbergstølen in Jostedalen and head for Flatbrehytta in Fjærland. Underway, we take small sidesteps to breathtaking viewpoints such as Lodalskåpa (2083), Brenibba (2018), Kjenndalskruna (1830), Høgste Breakulen (1957) and Supphellenipa (1731). 

The climb on the first day takes about 10 hours and is very steep. The stages on the other days are coupled, but not so steep until the descent to the fjord. Duration approx. 8-12 hours per day.

Each participant must carry a backpack vo 15-20 kg




1. hike: 28-30.04
2. hike: 10-12.05
3. hike: 19-21.05


3 days

Age limit:

Min. 15 years


Good physical condition and mountain skiing experience


NOK 2100.- incl. accommodation at Bretun
Transportation: NOK 570.-


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