Nigardsbreen – easily accessible

Nigardsbreen - Overview

The NIGARDSBREEN is the most easily accessible glacier of Norway. From Breheimsenteret the meeting point for the hikes is reached after a 3,5 km drive on a toll road.
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Hike selection:

utstyr 40 Tips about personal equipment.

brevandring middel 40Some part of the route to the Glacier and on the Glacier climbs quite steep up and down, which is made easier by fixed ropes and steps. The participants should have good balance and intermediate fitness. For people without any outdoor experience on mountain trails all walks may be could be too exhausting!

ATTENTION 40 iconReservation without payment is not possible. We recommend in peak season (10.7-25.8) to buy the tickets online on our homepage at least 1-3 day before commence. If it is still vacant spaces, you can purchase the tickets directly of your glacier guide (cash only in NOK).


Nigardsbreen Facts

nigardsbreen JC DahlAre you interested in facts about Nigardsbreen Glacier? Marthe Gjerde doctoral degree in quaternary geology has written a treatise about Nigardsbreen.

pdf Glacier facts about Nigardsbreen